Alternative to Cl3ver?

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone has an alternative to the Cl3ver plugin for creating 3D presentations?

The concept is pretty straight-forward and it is a cool tool (despite some flaws, like it being finnicky and absolutely no ‘Undo’ - that is correct, no undo!). Although it would swallow up some man hours trying to find workarounds to achieve my goal, I was willing to do this until…

The hidden pricing! “$50 a month” is what is advertised. What they don’t tell you is that this only allows you a User License, meaning the ability to dump hours into editing a presentation but no means of publishing it.

Then comes the publishing - $199 a month. So now we have a $250 a month SaaS that seemed a bit steep at $50 when you consider the SaaS costs of Adobe Creative Suite, but this extension costs more than 3DS Max and Maya… COMBINED!

After putting work hours into experimenting with the software only to find out it is extremely cost-prohibitive for anyone who wouldn’t be using this tool for at least 50% of their revenue generation, it is safe to say I am more than a little pissed off and would welcome any alternatives.

If none currently exist, it is only a matter of time before another does and I can only hope that they have a more transparent and upfront pricing model.

Thanks in advance.

hello, there are artlantis and twinmotion that allow 3d presentation. It won’t be exactly what Cl3ver does, but at least you can have interactive panoramas (with nodes and mini-map)

there are other options, can you be more specific about your end usage…


I would like to be able to import a model from sketchup, edit the model to allow for an “interactive presentation” that would allow the user to navigate via clicking icons - and then download and view it locally.

Essentially, exactly what this presentation does:

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you might also look at SimLab Composer. They allow you to crate 3D PDFs, WebGL pages and a big support for VR.

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I’m using Enscape for a walkthrough…you can set up views in sketchup and export the whole model as an exe file…I’m planning to use it to create 360 panoramas and composing my presentation in 3dvista like the link.

you can attach any information (Specs, floorplans,etc)

Wow, that is pretty neat. :grinning:

Interesting. The Cl3ever one seems more about the slick interface than the content. The New American Home 1016 tour is more content driven than impressing you with style of presentation. I found the latter a bit touchy or over sensitive in navigating direction.

Those look great, but do any of them offer the ability for me to use images as overlays for text and to animate throughout clicks like the Cl3ver app does? I would really love to find an alternative.

Do have a question though: If you select the plan list or something like that, how do you hide it?

My idea to use 360 panoramas is having a virtual construction document… when the house is framed you could set spots on the floor matching the panoramas so the builders could see thru an Ipad the house done and pan around…then you show for example the finishes, where to start the tile, color, etc…so they don’t have to interpret blueprints and eliminates doubts, delays, and unnecessary phone calls.

flino, do you, or anyone for that matter, know if the stuff in the video are native to Enscape. I looked on their web site but aren’t many details that. Would describe its features or cabilities.

What video?
Enscape is a real-time rendering engine and it works great in SU… They are working on a more robust material system but as it is right now is almost zero effort …It uses keywords for materials, so if the material has for example metal, aluminum, copper, etc is going to apply those properties to the diffuse…as well for Grass(it shows 3d grass), water, etc.

I use it a design tool, the quality is very good and it’s getting better. You can generate animations as well, 360, VR, etc…You can also export it as EXE file.


Duh! Yes, no video - I meant the great New American Home 2016 virtual tour.

What I am referring to is all of the popup pages that appear. Are those created natively in Enscape? I like the capability of being able to add “hot spots” that pop up pages (i.e. the product descriptions). I am also intrigued by the diagrams of the house with hot spots that trigger the 360 views and etc.

There seems to be a lot of really great features there that I would like to explore but could not find any information on these features on the Enscape web site. Is there some place you can point me to that will let me understand more about these capabilities?

No, that presentation was done with 3dvista… the main focus of that app is for Real estate but it can be used of course for presentations. I use vray in 3ds max and creating a content like that takes a lot of time, Enscape could render very acceptable panoramas in few minutes (3-5) so in my case, It would work great to integrate this technology inside my construction documents.

Can you use your SketchUp model in 3dvista?

3dviista is only for images…you can not load geometry…it’s a composer presentation for panoramas with complementary images like the link I posted

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