All Art Station tutorials now free

Since Epic Games bought Art Station a few days ago they have made all tutorials free until next year, pretty cool. ArtStation - Learning


Lol - every time Epic buys something, something like this happens :slight_smile:

I really wish I had more time to watch more of these!

Yeah it’s amazing having all Quixel assets for free!

Epic could acquire half the world, imho.

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Yep - I just wish Quixel had more plants and architectural models though - they seem to be really “game asset” focused right now, but still an awesome resource

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This is a great collection of videos, so much information to go through here, thanks for posting.

Having access to the Quixel Megascans through Twinmotion now is pretty cool. @JustinTSE there is a good collection of nature objects, but no trees. I wonder if the intension is to compliment and not compete with the native TM trees which have wind animation, season and growth data? Just a guess. The architectural stuff is limited to discrete objects rather than whole buildings but it’s still a lot of great detail assets, beams, pillars, doorways, railings, which are the kind of things that typically get added to an existing model.

Quixel is based in photo captured assets. Trees are difficult to do that. Too much occlusion.

With this pace, Epic could go for speedtree or something similar.

I would be super happy with speedtree I’m surprised they haven’t picked it up yet.