Aligning an object aong arbitrary guide or line

In a previous version of SU I hade a plugin with which I could direct an object in any direction and align it to a guide. In the example I would like to align the cylinder to the guide which is not parallel to any of the X, Y or Z guides. Does anyone know the name of the plugin?

Thanks but I don’t see that any of the plugins will do the job I want. With the plugin I had I could grab the rod at one end and move it in any direction and snap it to the guide.

Easy natively.
Make the cilinder a component (red will be the centerline the way you present it).
Change the current drawing axes with red along the guide that you need the rod to align to.
Bring in a the new cilinder component. It will be aligned to the new red axis, thus the guide.

I think you could also use Eneroth 3D Rotate tool extension from Extension Wardhouse.

OK, now I found my tool. t’s Fredos MoveAlignMe, Move Pivot Straighten and it does just what I needed.