After upgrade to 18, custom made materials are gone

Upgraded to 2018 recently and just noticed all my custom made materials are gone. Anyone have any ideas?

Where did you use to store them before? 2018 is supposed to be installed as a separate program with its own directory.

How did you save your custom materials? The way to do it on Mac is a bit different then on Windows.
On a Mac you have lists which you can duplicate and save.

If you have your own v17 materials folder, you need to either tell v18 where it is using preferences or make a copy in the v18 Users folder…


I keep my custom materials saved in My Documents folder on my PC

On a Mac and just saved as a list. Of course, I erased v17 so no ability to go back to it.

what do you mean by a list? can you add a screenshot or the list…

do you not have a folder with .skm files or possibly image files?

where were the v17 .skm files stored?

you do know you can keep both?

Pretty new to Sketchup John, so I probably didn’t describe this well. And Sketchup recommended I erase v17 when upgrading and I didn’t think about copying my list. Also, I should have said, “Custom Texture Pallet.” So under Colors > Texture Pallets > List > New…I created a new custom List and the went to Color > New Texture… and created new Textures to add to this list. Hope this helps? Thanks for trying to help me guys!

they may be in your v17 User Materials folder…

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Materials

R-Click that line >> Services >> Reveal/Open In Finder…

is it there?


If you’re in the Finder and want to use the Go command (Go>Go to folder…), it seems the string needs to read

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Materials

…in other words, that dialog doesn’t seem to want the backslashes preceding spaces. Don’t know why.

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edited the back slashes out…

I should remember not to drag from Terminal…


Yeah, I was thinking that was what you need to do for Terminal…

Thanks John and RTCool! And there they are, using the Go command you recommended. Awesome! Thanks and have a good weekend!

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