Advice on Modeling Box With Rounded Sides?



I am trying to figure out a way to model this box with rounded sides in Sketchup for 3d printing. For context, it is the body of a Japanese instrument called a “shamisen.” I actually only want to print half of the box so I can use it as a mold to create armrest covers for the instrument …

I’m not sure but I believe these curved areas might be called “gaussian curves”? The approach I was toying around with was to create a large sphere and slice the four quadratic ends off to create the sides which I would then piece together.

But perhaps there’s a way I can start with just a flat box and apply some curvature plugin to the sides?

Another problem is measuring the actual box itself to determine how much curvature to apply to the model. In this regard, it will have to be just very rough estimates unless there’s a more precise way?


I would draw the four curves of the sides–you could do that on a rectangular prism to keep the curves in the correct planes. Then delete the prism leaving the curves. Use Fredo’s Curviloft to create the skin. You can get Curviloft and the required LibFredo6 files from Sketchucation.


Or with the follow me tool…


Thank you both very much!

Hmmm I’d thought of the follow me tool but didn’t quite get it right. Thank you!!!


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