Advanced Dynamic Component Training or Classes

Im looking for some advanced training with Dynamic Components. Can anyone refer me to a good school or a person to hire for private lessons.
I have worked with the tutorials and read a lot of books but I can only learn so much without some help.
Im located in Providence, RI but I am open too online training too.

It seems like in-depth info about Dynamic Components is a bit of a dead-zone, I’m surprised nobody has written a book about them yet, I think they’re amazing. There is info out there but a lot of it is very scattered. So far the best info I’ve found is by reading through the problems that people have been having with them on the forum and the solutions that people have posted.

You mentioned that you’ve been looking through tutorials so you’ve probably already found this but I think this is one of the best pages about DCs in terms of something that is step-by-step but also goes into more depth than most of the other stuff:

Are you trying to do something specific with DCs that you think you’d need the training for?

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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for getting back to me. I am trying to do a few things that I cant figure out. I think Im at that point where code is the next step but Im not sure. I want to see multiple attributes re act at once.

It has been impossible to find any help but I know if I keep working at it, the capabilities are endless.

I have read that tutorial. Thank you

Anything like this? Link to file on Dropbox: Dropbox - Ramp 01 Dynamic.skp - Simplify your life

This is ramp DC that I made. Clicking on the ramp rotates the ramp downwards, then if you click on one of the railings they both move into place at the same time onto the ramp.

This is the original post where people were helping me figure out how to do this:

I’ve moved this to the Dynamic component category and I’ll ping @pcmoor to get his attention as he is the best DC user around.
But he’ll be asleep now so you’ll have to be patient.

I am awake😃

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