Advanced Camera Positioning for Matched Photo

Is there any way to edit the x, y, z, heading, pitch, roll, and focal length of a matched camera? I matched the photo in a separate program and have all the necessary parameters. I tried using the Advanced Camera Tools plugin but couldn’t find a way to add the image as well as edit the other parameters. Essentially, I want to avoid solving the camera in SketchUp itself by inputting my own data.

See what options you have when opening the ruby console and type ‘Sketchup.send_action 10624‘

[menu] Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console
(Windows only)

Just tried it. Those parameters look like they only change where the viewport position is and not the camera position.

EDIT: It appears like I can change the parameters of a normal camera using this method but it does not change the parameters of a matched camera. When I click “update” and click back it just resets back to its original position.