Adobe Dimension

Hi… can you use Adobe Dimension INSTEAD of other rendering software such as VRay, Lumion or Maxwell Render??? Or do you need one of these as well?

It may depend on what you’re doing. Dimension doesn’t do real time rendering or animation for example. If you only need a nice looking still image render, and you have Dimension from having a Creative Cloud subscription, you may as well give it a try.

You can see some things people have done with Dimension here:

Hi Colin - thanks for replying.

Okay, so I will need a REAL-TIME (ANIMATED) rendering application like VRay Lumion or Maxwell Render? It only does rendering as still image?

Do you recommend any? I understand VRay isn’t great at producing high res models on Macs? Is that correct?


You (and me) are on Mac. That helps a lot with the decision making, because there is only Twinmotion.

I have it from when they were developing, and so think it doesn’t cost me anything. Now though it probably does cost something, but I couldn’t easily work out how much.

Start here:

Hi Colin

Thanks for that. I shall now look at Twinmotion. I hadn’t heard of that one before.

It says it’s free for Students, which is what I am at the moment, I am just learning SketchUp.

Regards Glenda

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