Administering a Network Licence (MAC)

Are there similar instructions for the mac as there are for Windows when it comes to administering a network license?

I think the help page-link is broken: @Caroline

Here is one that works:

@mdgrome The article you linked is for both Mac and Windows, the only difference is the location to store the license file, included at the bottom of the article. Both paths are visible.

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I did not notice that the link provided by @mdgrome actually did work.
The one I posted does not, however…

Hi Mike, thanks for that. I recently updated articles to use a more natural language URL so those article/number urls will hopefully fade from existence and/or search results. How did you find it, or where would someone come across it? I definitely recommend using the original URL that mdgrome supplied.

Hi Jody,

it’s in here:

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