Adjustable Barstool

This is a quirky item I spotted when looking around for different types of stools. The seat rotates and adjusts up and down on a threaded spindle. I used the spindle to cut the threads for the nut housing, trying to keep detail in the model. I need to add an exploded view and a few other details another time, but here’s what I have so far…


Good model, it looks nice :wink:

Excuse me for my English because I don’t even know the right words in Spanish, but I’d like to know if you guys can recommend any tutorial to make the thread/screw (maybe with helix along curve) but also the tubular piece with the opossite helix? (not sure if you understood me).

Which reminds me, months ago there was a good tutorial on Fine Woodworking blog by @DaveR that I based the threads on. I remembered how to do it, but when I looked the tutorial video is no longer there? I managed anyway, using the Curve Maker and Upright Extrude plugins method. I would like to see it again, as I found it really useful.

EDIT- Although it could be that its a full members only thing, we might find out…

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According what the following link says you’re probably talking about this tutorial, but you’re right it seems no longer availble, not sure if with a suscription it would be possible to watch it.

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Is this what you were referring to Ian?

They did some rework of the website and screwed up a few of the older blog posts. At the time I did the video, Draw Helix was readily available but Curve Maker will do the same thing.


Thank you both. :wink: nice share

That’s the beauty Dave, thanks. There you go @spawn, knock yourself out!

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An exploded view, not sure exactly how the one I saw were made this is my interpretation of it:


I love me an exploded view!


An attempt at a render to finish off…


Looks like “Spin Doctor Stool”

So it does, I like the name it’s pretty catchy !