Adequate version of SU for Mac osx Lion ? Need help, thks

Hello everyone.
First of all, thank you for excusing some mistakes, if there are any, I am French and my school years are a little far.

My problem is finding the right version of SketchUp for my os.

  • I’m on Mac, os x 10.7.5.
  • I currently use the version “Google SketchUp 8.0.14345”.
  • I would like to upgrade this version, in order to use components that I have downloaded but which find my SketchUp too old.
  • So I did a search on the net, where a site proposed to download “Google SketchUp 15.3.329 for Mac”. And it was specified: “For Mac OS X 10.4 or later”.

The worry is that my Lion does not accept this version at all. :frowning:
Of course, I wrote to the site, but they do not answer.

That is why I am calling on you today. Clearly, you are much more informed than I am, who am only an amateur.

Anyone among you could advise me, or tell me where to find a corresponding version?
(The icing on the cake would be a French version, but I can moderate my greed). ^^

A big thank to you.

SU v2014 is the latest version supporting Mac OS v10.7 ‘Lion’:

SketchUp Make 2014 FR f. Mac OS v10.7+

non-commercial use only!

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…awawaw… :slight_smile:
I put a little time to answer because I wanted to test first.

  • Lion opens this version well.
  • I can open my old documents (a message informs me that once registered, they can not be opened with the old version).

It’s perfect ! Thank you, sketch3d_de. :ok_hand:
(No, not for commercial use, only for my personal projects)

Ps. Is it necessary to mark “resolute” or something like that? …

you can also save down to your version 8 by “File > Save as…”