Adding your "handwritten" signature to Layout Construction Documents

How do you add your “handwritten” signature to Layout construction documents? Here’s one idea!

This method has always worked for me on letters, but I justed tested it on a 36x24 Layout exported-PDF, and it went great.

You have to have a smart phone or tablet for this to work.

First export the PDF normally from Layout.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app to your phone or tablet. For some reason, this works way better on a mobile app than it does on a computer. When it asks you to sign in, just X out of it if you don’t want to create an account or sign in to anything - it works just fine without one. They make the X hard to find, but it’s there.

Send the PDF to your smartphone or tablet, and open the PDF with the Reader app.

Find the pencil icon to add a note. If your PDF signature line area isn’t horizontal when you open the document, then click on “Comment” instead of Fill & Sign, because that will allow you to sign upwards or downwards instead of sideways. Use the pencil icon, and just draw your name. It takes some practice. I haven’t figured out how to rotate, so it’s got to go in the correct direction from the get-go.

Just back out of the document to save changes. Then click on the menu item next to the file in the menu, and hit the share icon. You can “share a copy” to yourself or someone else via email that way, without having to sign into Adobe or anything.

If someone else has come across an easier way, please share!

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I sign it with my Foxit Business PhantomPDF software, works great on all PDF software for signing and other manipulations.

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I sign with Adobe Acrobat Pro or PDF Xchange Editor.
And for planning permission documents, in Finland they are submitted electronically, with a signing process incorporated into the system.

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Another option would be to import your signature as an image and positioned in LayOut where you need it. This could be accomplished by scanning or simply taking a picture of your signature, your stamp could be incorporated as well.



You can even get signatures for free off the internet! :smiley: