Add linings to wall frames

Most designers prefer to draw their internal partitions as frame thickness only. Here in Australia, that is normally 90mm. Linings are normally 10mm either side, if linings were adding the thickness would be 110mm. This extra 20mm makes a difference when drawing cabinetry, etc., so it would be ideal to have both options available in the model so we can toggle between them as needed.

So, if we were to create the partition layout at 90mm thickness, is there an easy way to duplicate this and add 10mm to all surfaces?

Doing it manually with the push/pull tool would be very time-consuming, not to mention that any subsequent layout changes would have to be done twice.

I use Profile Builder 3 for all my stud walls etc. You can set up assemblies with studs, insulation, plasterboard linings etc. Very easy to use and assembly paths are to some degree parametric and editable.

Thanks, I might give it a try. Does it create the different elements (frames, insulation, linings, etc.) as separate tags so they can be hidden if required?

In my case I don’t need to detail framing. I just need to be able to turn off linings for certain drawings, so that any dimensions provided are frame-to-frame.

It doesn’t create anything, you define profiles and components to extrude & array along a given path.
These are called assemblies. You can set your own materials and tags at assembly setup.

There are lots of user created assemblies in the Warehouse if you want to dissect.

There’s also the Medeek Wall plugin that does what you want and more. There’s a place in global setting to name the layers/tags for separating framing, finishes, trim, text etc.

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