Add dimensions to all objects by select all

Hello, I am new to Sketchup and need some assistance. I completed my project and now want to add the dimensions. Is it possible to “select all” (ctrl+A for windows)(command+A Macs) and add the dimensions to all the objects in my project automatically? Or do I have to do each object individually?

Yep, sorry to disappoint.

This si the double edged sword that is SketchUp… since Sketchup does not know what you are drawing, there is not a way for it to know what part of your model is worth dimensioning…

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Thanks for the responses. I would think that since I made a each object into a component, Sketchup would be smart enough to see them as individual pieces and would be able to get the dimension of each object by selecting all and then adding the dimension. Oh well.

The difficulty isn’t getting the dimensions, it’s placing them in a way that is visually satisfactory. That requires a certain amount of artistic judgement that is extremely difficult to program unless all the parts are separated and nicely aligned.

Use Generate Report for this. It will generate all ‘bounding box’ dimensions for ya!

To a human brain, this seems pretty simple… but if I take a simple extruded rectangle, look how many potential dimensions there could be:

Now imagine adding some additional details, or a curve…

I spent a lot of time years ago trying to help define an auto-dimension utility in another software… It is a huge undertaking and we found out that, at the end of the day, most users would end up deleting or editing most autogenerated dimensions, anyway!


Since you are using SketchUp Pro, you may find that it makes more sense to do your dimensioning in LayOut anyway. It won’t be automatic but it will generally provide better looking dimensions and give you more control over them.

…However there are some extensions that may help …

I can see the mess it would make by you example. It’s not the easiest to read.

Could you share one of your typical models? It might be that it isn’t that difficult to dimension manually anyway.

Mike, I just tried that and dimensions is not listed in the attributes box.

I did add a cutlist extension that gives me the dimensions.

The ‘Dimension’ attributes are ‘LenX, LenY and LenZ’

Have a look here: