Add Detail for Surface Help

I have a surface which has been made with coutours brought in from Autocad. I want to use the add detail tool to adjust the contours around a retaining wall. When I use the add detail tool however, the smooth surface turns to a surface full of triangles and will not revert back to the smooth looking surface I had. Is there a way to remedy this?

Thank you.

any ‘organic’ shape is just a lot of little triangles. do your shape and after you can ‘soften’ the lines to hide them

They should put that soften tool under the sandbox toolset.

Soften Edges Dialog Box — SketchUp Help


If you use this often, you should leave the window open an snap it to your other SU windows.

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Hey Wambotime,

You didn’t really ask for this but you may find this video I created helpful. The process results in more consistent triangulation that works better with the SketchUp sandbox tools. This is assuming you have access to Autocad and not just the contour file created from Autocad. :smile:


Anything to get rid of the random dips that sketchup creates when creating topo from contours is great.