Add auto-text is greyed out

I’m in the process of creating a default office template using an imported dwg title block as a start. I’m then trying to insert some auto-text elements but the option is greyed out. Anyone know why this might be?

Have you selected the Text tool and started a text box before trying to choose the Auto text?

I’m selecting the text that was imported from the dwg. Could this cause an issue?

Could be. You need to have some place for the auto text to insert. It’s not enough to just select a text box.

Upload the LO file and show me where you want the auto text to go.

Dave, thanks. I’m not in the office now but can upload in the morning. Will do.

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Are you selecting the text object or the actual characters inside it? This makes a lot of difference.

You sir, have nailed it. I was selecting the text box rather than the text within. Works fine now. Thanks.

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