Add a new SKP action to launch 3DW

So I finally get to officially request a feature as a user!!!

Anyways, there already exists a skp action to launchEW (i.e. skp:launchEW@advanced-camera-tools). We would like to see if you can add a SKP action to launch 3dw. Either directly to a model, or (especially of interest) to open the “Share Model” page that the File -> 3DWarehouse -> Share Model gives.

Of course, this feature could be passed onto the Extensibility Team to implement through Ruby, but I think the precedence is set to do this through SKP.


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This seems like it could be very useful for developers. There are quite a lot of plugins out there that relies on components in different ways. It would be quite neat if these plugins could have a nice little button that takes you to their official collection in 3d warehouse to download more components for that plugin to use.