Accurately Rotate Triangles to meet at Top?

Rotate Triangles to Meet.skp (19 KB)
Can rotate on axes…but lacking skill to “snap” points at height of triangles?

  1. Tried vertical line from center of middle triangle (No Joy).
  2. Align with cardinal axis then rotate triangle?
  3. What’s the “trick” to getting the black protractor perpendicular to base of rotating triangle?
    Just trying to make Solid Inspector2 happy!

First, do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective. Don’t use Parallel Projection.

It would help if you center the base triangle on the origin. As it is, it’s a little off.

Use the Arc or Pie tool to identify the point where you want the rotation to end. Then rotate to that point.

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…Yep, I was deep in the weeds.

  1. Model in “Perspective”…Print to scale in “Parallel”.
  2. Use cardinal axes to rotate Triangle Group to intersection of “Arc” with Vertical height.
  3. Zoom is your friend. :woozy_face:
  4. Use a single Triangle Group in radial array.
  5. Get the “faces” right…
    A few “flaws” in my technique for sure!
    Solid Inspector2 not happy with “Nested Instances”…Explode Curve corrects this? If so, Happy Camper.

Explode groups, not curve.

Yes, the way I was trying it context-click showed “Explode Curve”. After hours of fiddling and tweaking I finally “fixed” my errors…Thought this CAN’T be right and asked for help. Your “Edits” were very enlightening!
Sorry for taking up more time…just wanted to say thank-you.


Alas…Works fine for “regular triangles” (3 equal sides) but if triangle “scaled” to equilateral (2 equal sides with original base) the problem persists at the point of intersection but not rotation. Will start new topic with “Accurately Rotate Scaled Triangle from Regular Polygon Issue”

Do you mean isoceles? That should work fine, too.

It works…but doesn’t satisfy Solid Inspector2. I’ll open a new Topic because model error detected and fixed when I saved the file.

It did for me.

Share the model that failed solid inspector 2 and I’m sure we can point out where you went astray.

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Opened New Topic…I’m pretty sure it’s Operator Error on my part…

BTW, it’s possible to create a tetrahedron without swinging an arc and hinging a face … but, if you want one face flat on the ground, you’ll still have to use the rotate tool to rotate the whole object over. See this post here: