Accuracy of measurements in entity info

Any thoughts on why Sketchup entity info is not accurate (or can be different on different chromebooks)

For example
Set the radius of a circle to 2 feet.

Area = 2piR=4(pi)=12.5663 sqft

But Sketchup shows that circle to have an area of 12.4233 sqft.

I am typing 2 into the measurement box not trying to estimate 2 feet by dragging with mouse.

Sketchup is actually showing the area of the polygon approximation to the circle.


Sketchup will be adding up the area of each facet (triangle) that makes up the circle, so the more sides you have in your circle, the closer it will be the actual formula for the circle, but it will never get exact (not without infinite sides).

The values could be displayed differently depending on the units precision, and again, the number of sides in the circle, so that may be why you see different values on different chromebooks.

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