Accessing 3D Warehouse

Is 3D Warehouse no longer available to SketchUp Make Users? It won’t let me log in or reset my password.

Which version of SketchUp Make are you using? Your profile says you have a subscription for SketchUp Shop. Are you not using that?

I’m using Sketch Up Make Version 17.1.173. I tried Sketch Up Shop but didn’t like having to be logged in to the internet to use it (I was having server problems at the time) or having to relearn my way around since they changed the way it works compared to the older versions.

Perhaps you could update your profile then so it is correct.

The 3D Warehouse still supports SketchUp 2017 so you should be able to access it. You should be able to use the same sign-in credentials you used with Shop.

If SU Make 2017 is too old to give you a direct access to 3D Warehouse, try this:

I found this URL using “SketchUp 3D Warehouse” with Google.