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This category is for all issues, questions, and feedback on the Internet-based application SketchUp for Web, which is included in all subscriptions.

The SketchUp (web) version does not load. It displays an error code. It was working for me last night but now it doesn’t want to load. Please help, thank you.

I have seen that problem before, it would only affect one browser, and the solution was to clear the WebGL cache.

Does it work in another browser? If not, what error code are you seeing?

Clearing the cache would be worth trying anyway.

Estou testando a versão web para adquirir, mas hoje quando acessei, o arquivo salvo é muito antigo, e as revisões não abrem de acordo com o que editei e salvei. Alguém pode me ajudar?

Aujourd’hui, est-ce possible d’utiliser les outils de bac à sable sur SketchUp online ?

No, Sandbox tools are a plugin for the desktop version, and plugins don’t work with the web version.