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Welcome Professionals! This is a place to talk about SketchUp Pro specific features or to hang out with other professionals. This is also a great place to talk about professional workflows. For example, file format exchange (eg. going from DWG to SketchUp or vice versa), or going from SketchUp to LayOut for creating construction documents.


Ok, I would think asking a question for a non-techo would be a little easier w/in this system. simply, I am an architect and have used sketchup for years. occasionally I have used the import image from earth to do site context models. wallah, not so much any more. I’ve looked at the 3rd party add-ons but they seem expensive and a lot more than I need. just looking for an easy way to import photos w/o going on-site and photographing or snipping and image and loading the typical way. any suggestions. Bill


Hiii… I am using Sketchup 2017 pro. but there is not coming CAD file importing option can you help me ?