About the line disconnection in MacBooks


Hello, experts.
I just wondering why my sketchup looks like this.

My old MacBook didn’t showed up like this
I just changed my new MacBook these days
Then just looking weird

When at the high angle, i can see the straight line.
But the low angle, i can see the part cut off.
Why is it like this.

The old MacBook was even worse than the current one.
MacBook version is Sonoma 14.4, would this be a problem?

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? From your words I am not sure I understand the issue…

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I uploaded a picture! Check it out

Are you using parallel projection (the images suggest that it’s likely)? If so, you have probably gotten the camera too far from the model, causing issues with the graphics. Try switching to perspective and then zooming to a suitable size. That will reset the camera.

If that works, I’d recommend continuing to use perspective. It looks more real and also avoids this sort of issue. Save parallel for orthographic and isometric views just for 2D output.

PS if I’m right, this has nothing to do with Mac, it happens on Windows too. If I’m wrong, please share the model so we can try to reproduce the problem.

The examples are perspective. You mean the way the line sort of skips here and there on the left one? Are you using 2024 with the “new graphics” engine? Choosing the old engine might make it look like the old version, but maybe tinker around with the new one till you can get results you like.
(I’m still setting up 2024 on a new machine, and not fully on board with it yet myself)