About saving the material

I have object in a file that has many texture ,I want to save them in my collection .How? I tried to save them ,but I don’t know it works for me if I select one texture not all of them .

Thank you …

You can download the texture .skm files to your computer but there isn’t currently a way to create a custom collection in SketchUp Shop. You would need a desktop version like SketchUp 2020 to make your own collections.

You could create a model file that contains your textures and save it for later use.

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FWIW, based on the sort of questions and the stuff you are doing, it seems like you would do better with SketchUp 2020 Pro. It would give you more capabilities and also give you LayOut and the ability to create other stuff for export like reports and cut lists.

I saw it but it expensive I’m still college student :upside_down_face:

The difference between the SketchUp Shop subscription and the SketchUp Pro subscription works out to about 49 cents US per day but it gives you so much more capability.

How come

How come what?

Or save 55 and get the Educational version:
($ 0.15 per day)

I meant the price for per day I didn’t see it… just these prices

Basic math. Divide the difference between the two by 365.

They put for me if I am outside the US click on the link ,but I didn’t find near my country :frowning_face:

What country? When did you buy?

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,I didn’t buy it yet

Are you just using the trial period?

check this reseller/distributor:

they have educationals, but also some wrong prices on the professional plans.

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