Aaron Bishop Tutorials

Hi Team,
I’m working on an Aaron Bishop Tutorial.( Making detailed objects) I have drilled 3 of the required holes, but the last 2 keep disappearing when I try to use the P/P to sink the holes as required.

What am I doing wrong?

T41.skp (96.5 KB)


There are holes that aren’t in the right context for the parts they are supposed to be in.

In order to drill the holes in the part where they are located, the hole geometry needs to be in the same context as the part they’ll be in.

You’ve got a hole started in the other part but you pushed it through, too far. See the lower left corner of my screen shots. Some of the holes don’t go through all the way, either.

Do you really want both of the parts glued together as you’ve got them? If I was drawing this thing, I’d make each part I’d make in the shop as a separate component. I’m thinking either you’ve skipped a few important steps in the tutorial or Mr. Bishop left them out.

What’s this thing supposed to be anyway?

Is this what you’re trying to accomplish?

T41.skp (83.9 KB)

Yes that’s correct, the completed unit has the legs, mounting blocks for the legs etc…Could you explain what you mean by the right context.In the tutorial, he says
to drill the holes .25 deep then hold the ctrl key to deepen the hole to .75 then counter sink same.If you notice my drawing, the 2 holes in the long piece have drilled
as they were supposed to, the 3rd has shown thru.

I hunted up this tutorial. He’s sure working hard for what he ends up with.

What I mean is, you need to have the right component open for editing. Notice in my second screen shot that the screw hole geometry you drew for the short side is inside the component bounding box for the long side. That means those holes aren’t modifying the short cleat. You need to have that side component open for editing when you draw the holes in it.

His method of drilling the holes and countersinking them is weird to me. Try this instead.

Push the first 1/4 in.
Spacebar for Select. Select the rim of the hole.
S for Scale. Scale the rim while holding Ctrl.
P for Push/Pull. Push the bottom of the hole through to the opposite face of the cleat.

Did you download the SKP file I uploaded?