A new select tool that is, actually, inteligent



Hey, as a long 2D users i miss sometimes the simplicity of some tools that i think could be translated to the 3d world.

For exemple, in Adobe Illustrator, since some times now, there are ways to select objects other than… finding them and clicking on them. For exemple you could select all the faces of an object or a layer or the whole scene that has the same color on them. Or that has some texture on the back. Or all the face that are the same transparency. The possibilities are endless. If then, you have the possibility to change the texture/opacity/… etc. of the selection… It would then save a lot of time to everybody i think.

[enter link description here](Select Same Fill photo select-same-fill.jpg)


There are already tools to do these sorts of things available for those that need them. In addition to native tools there is, for example, example ThomThom’s Selection Toys. You only need to look. :wink: There’s also Select by Material and others.


Like this?

or this?

(no plugins - you just need to look under the r-click menu)


Alas, the first example is Windows only.