A new REAL TIME Rendering software UNICORN RENDER

We have a new REAL TIME Rendering software, UNICORN RENDER. Which is faster than vray and other rendering software, also provides you with a very Friendly User Interface, so it takes less time to produce High End Quality Rendered images . UNICORN RENDER supports all the 3d file formats and allows you to create stunning Photo Realistic images in very short span of time. Which means now you don’t have to wait for your image to get clear while rendering, because UNICORN RENDER comes with a REAL TIME Rendering Provision which allows you to work on the final image or clear image. UNICORN RENDER is much faster and more accurate, when it comes to Performance. So now you guys can get your desired results in much lesser time than earlier. For more details do visit our Website " www.unicornrender.in ". We also provide you a Trial version of this Software for 15 days, explore UNICORN RENDER and EXPERIENCE THE REALITY…

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the homepage of the maker is: https://www.unicornrender.com/

waauw i’ve tried this one and it is really nice. Just open a sketchup model already is rendered. Then they have a lot materials to drag and drop. They have several tutorials on youtube. I am surprised really by this software. Did anyone else try it?

Looks interesting, could be a replacement for now outdated Visualizer in the one click rendering category. But looks like it is currently Windows only :slightly_frowning_face:

I know a guy who uses two Nvidia 1080 with this renderer and takes full advantage of GPU rendering…

@ endlessfix. it is far more then visualiser, it is a complete render software. checkout the video’s or try yourself. yes it is PC only.

I had a look but there’s no videos:
“This video has been removed by the user.”

I don’t really understand what you mean by “realtime”

Do you mean you can navigate the 3d model like you can in Lumion?

there are over 40 video’s simply look unicorn render in youtube. f.e. this one V RAY vs Unicorn Render - YouTube

yes realtime like lumion but in physical render not opengl. better to compare to vray i guess but a lot faster

Anyone find the price?

Yes where is the price and why is it hidden?

Hi i send a mail to unicorn people today and got a fast answer: there website is being renewed and the new one is not visible yet everywhere due to DNS. So in some days should be better. The prices are 350 for starter, 690 and 1190 for the full version. In Euro. Also i found somewher on this forum some dollar prices. Which is the best rendering software that works with sketchup under $500 with GPU accelerated rendering? - #6 by dmatho

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