A challenge for people to design an electrical item I've been searching for!

Hey, People.

I know there are many many talented designers out there, that thrive on a challenge being set…
So, I wondered if anyone would be happy to design one (or more!) of these UK Consumer units, and put it up on the 3DWareHouse?

I’ve been searching, and cannot find one!


Stick a link to your creations in the reply.

We are all happy to help you learn how to model it yourself. Have a go and ask specific questions when you get stuck.

Fair point, and yes, I most certainly will attempt to make one - I just need to learn my way around SU first, as I’ve never used it before… would still love to see what other people are able to do as well, though :smile:

Its a shame they did away with economy 7 . I know you can charge up 2 12 volt batters over night and then run your lights for about 18 hour using an inverter, Ive seen people mod it themselves on you youtube but it means messing with the fuse box. £40.00 is the cheapest basic box on your sight and thats 100 amps at 250 volts isnt that 25,000 Watts. I know theirs enough power available in my step sons room to run a carpentry business. 250 volts X 100 Amps is out of date I think.for domestic use any way.With the exception of the kitchen you could get away with about 24 volts in every room then there wouldt have to have a massive transformer hanging of every electrical item witch at the moment is nessesery to make the power non leathall . usable and make everything buzz at 50 htz.I might be wrong but I think copper is £5.000 a ton. Dam, wright as well I need power tools welders and compressors in every room so I can conduct my strangeness. cant afford the feed the electric meter though.I need £15.00 to put on the meter so I can have 25,000 Watts in every room so I can charge my 5.2 volt x 100 milliiamp 5.1 Watt phone

Two fonts look yeah Im sorry Ive no idea

Is this some type of joke or do you want some one to " design" a fuse panel??
Read up on photo match and texture images, pick the one you want and use the image.
here is some help for you Sketchup #22: Custom Textures — Harwood Podcast