4K Issues - Lost/Frozen Pallets


I’m having an issue with my pallets being lost on a 4K monitor… or if dragged off the 4K onto another monitor (multiple monitor setup) they lock into place and I can no longer move them without increasing the horizontal width until they stretch onto the 4k monitor at which point I can grab the handle and reposition them. I don’t have this issue with other programs (Adobe’s pallets for example).

The worst is that sometimes they jump off the screens altogether and then I can no longer use them without disabling the other two monitors (so I only have a single monitor) and it somehow resets the pallet position. Then I have to close out of Sketchup to lock the pallets into place. And reopen. However this only lasts a half a day until one of the pallets again jumps off of the visible display area and I have to repeat.

I’ve mostly just started using another machine in the office… but our business specializes in high-resolution graphics and we are upgrading our other machines to 4K as well.

My new laptop is 4k and Sketchup also has issues on it, but that will be for another post.

Windows 10, NVidia GTX 780 with latest drivers (Sept 22). 3 Monitor setup w/4k in middle and a 1080p on either side.


On the Mac version of SU, toolbars are called “tool palettes”. Not clear why. Another example of needless and arbitrary divergence of the Mac vs Windows versions.


I’m working on other things, so I haven’t checked this, but wouldn’t it be faster to do Preferences->Workspace->Reset Workspace? That wont reset toolbars, but it will close the lost windows, allowing you to re-open and place where you want.

I’m sure everyone’s palettes are implemented differently, so so big surprise there.