3D Without Glasses

I like that . .

This is pretty easy to do in SketchUp. You just need two Scenes saved from slightly separated locations in your model. I assembled this image in LayOut. I think this is a cool effect, once you get the hang of crossing your eyes to see it.


Make sure the distance between both camera’s is about 65mm (*) for nearby objects (interior) and slightly more for things further away (landscape).
*) Average distance between both eyes.

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I taught myself to be able to see cross-eyed 3D imagery in the late 1960s when NASA published some such pictures, and I wanted to be able to see it. However, the example posted above is too far apart for my eyes to be able to spread.


Also 3D viewing requires both images to be separated 65mm. On my Chromebook they are more of less, 64mm. So I can see dept. Not sure if the camera’s were placed correctly, 65mm apart.

Thanks to the Christmas holiday, I have some more time to dig into this question. In my model, the two cameras were more than 65mm separated, but I am able to resolve anyway into a stereo view. I think it may have more to do with angular separation than with the physical distance between povs?

This reminds me of the stereo adapter I have for my old 35mm cameras. The centers are fixed at 65mm. The stereo effect is much more pronounced in closeups of things like flowers than it is with scenery or architecture because of the increased angular separation.

That stereo adapter came as a kit with a stereo slide viewer. It would be cool if I could make 35mm stereo slides from my SketchUp models to use in it. I guess I could pull out my 120 year old stereopticon and use that. :smiley:

I went to meet with these people recently:

No need to go crosseyed, and you get parallax too.

That’s not so much a “problem”. It only exaggerates the 3D experience of dept. Hence the need for larger distance between camera’s for things that are further away (clouds, mountains). But viewing just needs the results to be 65mm apart to avoid getting a headache when viewing them cross eyed.
Also there needs to be no obvious distraction for one or the other eye, say some unexpected edge in left or right image.

Are we supposed to drinking when we do this? :grinning:

@onecarwood, the stereo results and headache mostly depend on what / how much you drink, :beer: :tropical_drink: :cocktail: :wine_glass: —> :upside_down_face:


More info on the history of Looking Glass and how it works.

Funny thing, I was there that day, and so didn’t get a chance to look closely at their 8K display. That room was closed for filming. I did get to play with one of the smaller displays, and got the test application going on my Mac, in both macOS and Windows 10.

I should watch the whole video, might see myself in the background.