3D Warehouse won't download itenm

Is there a place to report items in the warehouse that are missing or won’t download?

post the links so others can try, if they have success then you’ll know if it’s a local issue or not…

where does one get a link to a file in 3D Warehouse?

try right clicking in the browser ‘input field’ when in 3d Warehouse, it should allow ‘copy’ or ‘copy link’…
then in this forum click on the ‘chain’ link option above your reply, and ‘paste’ the copied link…
i.e. random example

Right clicked, view properties and found this link:

But that doesn’t address my question, shouldn’t there be a “central clearing place” to fix any false models. This isn’t the first one I’ve encountered, probably the the fourth or fifth since late February, early March.

Since this model downloads perfectly for me, I think your question should be about why you are having problems downloading some models.

Yes I agree, consider it asked.

The error message I get is “File not found or invalid”. I tried clearing the cache and cookies in Internet Explorer and Chrome to no avail.