3D Warehouse upload picture is blank

Why is my uploaded component in the 3D warehouse picture blank? It will upload into my model.

Share a link to your file in question.


I asked for a link to the model but a little searching turned it up. When I opened it the camera was pointed away from the model. I put in a camera and show its FOV Volume, below.

I set the view so the model was in the center of the model window and uploaded it to the Warehouse. It looks just fine to me.

How did you have the camera set up when you uploaded?

I am quite an amateur with these things! I honestly don’t even know how to send a link. I have uploaded a few things before and did not have an issue. I’ll have to pay attention next time. Thanks for your help and response.

Also check this setting:

Window->Model Info->File:


It does what is says.

Thank you. I have it figured out now.

What was the solution?

I believed I was in the wrong camera position when I saved it. After playing a little
I realized how the perspective should be for future saves. I do not know how to fix the current pendant, but it works to download into my models so I am not concerned.
I am learning as I go with this program and just switched to the MAC version, so I am figuring out new things each time I use it. I appreciate your help.

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I’ve tried everything in this thread and my model still doesn’t show up, but will download. I’ve pointed the camera, filled out the file information. Still blank. I’ve uploaded before without problem. Here’s the link: 3D Thuja plicata (NW Cedar) | 3D Warehouse

The camera is zoomed in on the base of the tree. The view isn’t blank. It’s showing the back face of the circle at the foot of the tree. I downloaded the file and it looked the same way. I zoomed extents, saved the file, and uploaded it to the 3D Warehouse. This is how it shows in the Warehouse.

Mine is locked so it’s not downloadable by others.