3D Warehouse, how to find anything?



Hello again,

I am knee deep into home plans using sketchup and I am beginning to feel it is not designed for architecture, more for fun or small detail work. I usually use it for small technical drawings, not an entire home.

Question, is the 3d warehouse really a mess or am i just using it wrong. For example, hunting for Pella, Anderson windows, (or any manufacturer at this point). After opening a collection, there is still no way to sort or group by any parameter. It is always just a pile.

even when searching for “window” in “collections” it returns a 874 item mess. I can not see how anyone could make a residential drawing without making it all themselves. (insane amount of time).
thanks in advance

Thanks in advance


Hi there. If the uploader doesn’t sort their works in a collection, they will all appear in the same page. When you search, however, you have several sorting options, like in the screenshot below:

A user named Jordan H. seems to have several Andersen windows. Link is in the following Warehouse page.

Also, another user named kbulsara13 has a collection named “Andersen Products” here.

Through the official Andersen Windows website I’ve stumbled across a 3D library that offers some free Andersen windows for download. A sign-in however is required. Link here.


Another thing. Some of the window component collections are of Dynamic Components (aka parametric components.)

The catalog of Marvin windows is an example.

You choose a window by model series or style name, and then use the Component Options dialog to choose the size and other features.

See the online User Guide for working with Dynamic Components.


the Marvin link is exactly what i am talking about. There are 2000 items. No way to begin to filter them in real world requirements such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, UA, glass etc.

Just 2000 icons of wasted time. Not saying that whoever drew them did not do a great job but if you needed to produce a set of plans (real plans for a take off).

If i wanted to make a drawing for fun, to show someone and idea, I guess it would work. To scroll through or it edit each one would take longer than hand drawing and just writing annotations.

thanks, Chris


You have clicked on the little triangle in the search bar

and gotten https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/advancedsearch.html ? From there:

And I get 37 wood doors. Change that to wood window, and I get 48.

You can type that directly in the search bar if you want as

author:“Marvin Windows and Doors” description:Wood+door

Whip that into a model, Send to LayOut, boom.