3D warehouse furniture - how to use

Why does my furniture upload like this?

What version of SketchUp are you really using? You posted in the SketchUp Pro category but your profile indicates you are using the free web version.

Likely you’ve just selected objects that need to have the edges softened.

Thanks heaps Dave. I tried to download the object directly into Sketchup and I got 3 sofas that looked like that! in the end I tried a different sofa and that downloaded normally, so maybe it was a glitch with that item. Anyway, I appreciate the response, so thank you.

It does not look like a glitch. Warehouse items are uploaded by users. That looks like something someone may upload. This is why we recommend downloading files and opening them before inserting them into you working model. This is not a problem with Warehouse or the downloaded model, but more of something to fine tune in your workflow.

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Are you uploading a model made by you to the 3D warehouse or downloading a model?
There are a lot of models on the 3D warehouse that aren’t well modeled or are too heavy to be used as assets.

There are a lot of sofa models in the 3D Warehouse. If you share the name of or link to the one(s) giving you trouble, we can take a look and see if they have issues.