3D warehouse components download as text documents

Downloaded components showed up as text documents of mostly Asian and weird characters.

Check your Internet connection. You are getting damaged, truncated files.

How are you downloading them? Your profile says you are using SU2016. The 3D Warehouse only supports back to SU2017.

Hi Anssi,
What do you mean? I ran troubleshoot on my PC internet connection and it couldn’t identify the problem and have no issues detected.

I was able to download some SU2016 components before. It is the same even if I try to download other Web component such as BIM.

How are you trying to open the models? Skp is a binary file that will look like gibberish if opened in a text editor.

Hi Steve,
I think I have got it. Thank you! Thank you! I download the skp. file and save it to my document then copy and paste into the

SU drawing. It seems to work.