3D Warehouse basic library with Components for Architecture

Does anyone know where to find a good basic library of Architectural components like stairs, furniture, toilets, bathroom elements, etcetc. In Vectorworks and ArchiCAD a basic library comes with the license. Of course SU is much cheaper, but it would be usefull to have a good basic library for SU. The 3D warehouse is a collection of all sorts of Components and therefor hard to tell if they are usefull. Most of the Components are not drawn in a systematic way. There is no structure in Layers for example. As SU is much cheaper, I’m willing to pay for a good library. Same thing for a good Scrapbook library. Can anyone help me out? Hope to hear.

Have a look at FormFonts

Hi DaveR, I’ve looked at FormFonts but it seems as arbitrary as 3d Warehouse. Probably the Components are drawn in a systamatic way (I don’t know yet), but I miss the fact that I can add a complete library which has a similar style, like you get in Vectorworks. Maybe I want something I can only get when I switch to Vectorworks, but I’m a huge fan of SU, so I hope there’s also something similar for SU.

Try here:

The last thing in the world you want to bring into your model is someone else’s notion of an appropriate layer schema.

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George beat me to it. You shouldn’t want imported components adding layers to your models. You should be in control of that

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Yes I agree, but in 3DWarehouse there is to much junk, or very well drawn Components, but drawn in many Layers which makes 3DWarehouse Components hard to work with unfortunately. I got the tip to use ‘SU Podium’, don’t know if you have experiences with that? It’s given by a Dutch firm I bought my SketchUp license from. And I’m also looking for a SketchUp BIM template and a tutorial how to structure SU drawings (I’m posting that in an other Post to keep subjects separated :slight_smile:

Podium is a rendering extension. That’s just muddying the waters.

Maybe you need to do as I do and make your own components that satisfy your needs. Or you could hire someone to make components that you’re happy with.

‘SU Podium’ is indeed a Rendering Extension but the also offer a library of Components. It’s a single plug-in, just look at VMV cad-adviseurs. It costs a little over 90 euros. My goal is not to wonder around, looking for the right furniture, bathroom elements, etcetcetc, but like in Vectorworks have the availability of a good standard library, nothing more nothing less.