3D Warehouse and Crashes

3D Warehouse refuses to load. I’m using a Mackbook Pro. I recently downloaded Sketchup Pro. It worked for a bit but now crashes about every five minutes.

I am very frustrated and hope for a solution.

What version of SketchUp Pro? Your forum profile says you are using 2015 Make. What operating system?

You downloaded SketchUp Pro. Did you install it, correctly?

What changed since it worked? What exactly happens when it “crashes”?

I get a Bugsplat notice. I see now that the version I have is Sketchup Pro 2021. It is supposed to be 2023.

Did you send in the Bug Splat with your name and e-mail address so it can be traced? If so, Maybe @colin can look at it when he get in to the office.

When did you install SketchUp 2021? Did you purchase a subscription for SketchUp Pro?

You should have installed SketchUp 2023 if you only recently bought the subscription.

At the end of this month the 3D Warehouse will no longer support SketchUp 2021 anyway.

In any case, your forum profile is way out of date. Please correct it.