3D warehouse "Add to Collection" Button


Hello. i have collections made in my 3d warehouse profile with models from othr people and my models. From some time, i don’t have “add to collection” button sa i can’t add any models to a collection, and i don’t now how to fix it or what is the problem. Can someone help me?
*Sorry for the english"

Thank you and have a great and creativity week


Do you have any collections already? I think you might need to create a collection before adding a model to a collection. You should be able to find this button on your 3DW profile page under collections.



Yes, I have a lot of collection, but for any model i choose, the button doesn’t appear. if I ing out of my account, the botton appear…


I’m glad you got it working again! Hopefully, it’ll stay that way. :+1:


Robert, it’s 2 AM in Boulder (CO), wait a little till morning, and most likely @Barry will help you with a solution.

For me, that button works and I can add that model to a collection.


Isn’t working again, the button appear just when I sign uot, when I sign in the button doesn’t show up…


i’ll wait anyway, thank you :smiley:
it just happend for no reason some weeks ago…
Sau am facut eu ceva gresit…


Try to log in from Firefox, or Edge, or from your phone (Android, iOS).


Still the same, from edge, firefox and android…


Hi Roberrfn,

We’ve confirmed this issue and are looking into it. Thanks for the heads up and for your patience.


Should be fixed. Can you retry, please?


Yes, it’s working. Thank you very much. have a great week :slight_smile: