3D-View of page structure (Layers & Viewports)

So, many people have asked for an Outliner-feature in LayOut…
I do too. My main reason for it, i would better understand my document, and be able to easily select stacked viewports.
If an outliner is not doable/desirable for some reasons i would not be aware of, then what about this:

Introduce a 3D view, just for editing/inspection purposes, just like Firefox offers here:

Out of curiosity have you tried using layers in LO? I find that works quite well. I have layers for text, dimensions, hatches and other drawing entities, and depending on the template and job, 3 to 6 layers for viewports. Page borders and title block entities are on layers at the bottom of the stack. I don’t find it at all difficult to get at the viewport I’m interested in by using the layer window.

Yes, i started to do that, VP’s on Layers, following a post here. But i don’t have it dialled in well yet.
Now i use the context menu in Layer tray, “select entities”…
It still feels very cumbersome to me, compared to how i work with the outliner in SU.
I wish there was a nice video to show how people are really using it.

I really don’t understand (i guess there are reasons) why they did not try to make even more things act same/similar between SU/LO.
But they have Layers in both, not being the same… Wish they had found a slightly different naming, or they WERE acting the same, aka no visual stacking of layers in LO.

Perhaps a different name than “Layers” in SketchUp would be appropriate. It’s been asked for in the past.

You have to change your thinking between SketchUp and LayOut. In SketchUp you’re working in 3D space. You’re making sculpture. It makes no difference which order the names of the various parts are in. It’s where they are in the 3D space. In LayOut you’re working in 2D. Things have to be different between them because of that.

Use breeds familiarity. Keep using layers in LayOut and I think you’ll find it works well.

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