3d printing - holes in model


Recently, I uploaded my 3d model to shapeways.com, and after uploading my STL file I found that the model had several holes in it. How can I fix these holes? Is there a plugin that can help me fix my models before printing?

Thank you.


You can check and fix the model with susolid plugin or you can post your model here and somebody will check it.It is also good to check if the holes were generated when exporting in stl format.

If your model is a solid group or componente, it shouldn’t has holes after exporting to STL. More Plugins: Thomthom SolidInspector2 or TIGs SolidSolver.

Yea those plugins are really good too, but you cannot use all of SuSolid without buying it but you can use https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/ after doing as much as you can.

You need to upload your model if possible. If model size is too large then use file sharing site and then post url so we can find it.
There are other considerations other than just being a solid. Shapeways will also make minimum thickness checks and of course print cost is a strong function of the the amount of material used. If model is small then that will be a moot point but if not you could be looking at 10X difference in print cost.
TIG recently updated his solid solver you should get before using it.
Netfabb has a free version of their repair ( ref GenZod above) tool I have found more robust than most others, it does not have all functions of the paid one…Shapeways also has max model size spec ( 65 MB) as well as number of edges 1,000,000. Depending on material selected you may need to include escape hole in your model to help in powder removal.