3d printing car

I have found a ford mustang 1965 and this I would like to print.
Now I have it exported to a stl STL and this gecontrleerd and if I’m going to print that he hits some things about it.

What am I doing wrong here?

Kind Regards Andre64_mustang_convertible_.zip (2.9 MB)

An object that is to be 3d printed must be a single ‘manifold solid’ [i.e. a group or a component-instance].
That is it must contain only edges and faces - and every edge must have exactly two faces - no fewer, no less.
So - no faceless edges, no faces forming shelves or holes with an edge with only one face, no internal partition-faces where an edge has three or more faces, no otherwise solid volumes sharing an edge that has four faces [e.g. two cubes with a common edge]…
It must also NOT have any geometry that ‘intersects with itself’.
Your posted SKP contains many nested parts - groups and component-instances.
If you explode them [included some ‘nested’ parts], then the thing is still not a ‘solid’.
There are plugins to help you identify problems and perhaps fix them, but very complex issues probably require human intervention - you can see what the issue is, far better than an algorithm !

Try SolidSolver2 - it shows over 1000 issues AFTER it’s been exploded…

Frankly, such a complex object will be VERY difficult to make ‘solid’…
Consider printing it in smaller ‘solid parts’ - these are more easily made solid and assembled after 3d-printing…


Can you explain to me how I should.

With friendly greeting André

It’s not that you are doing anything wrong @thehosting4you
The problem is the obvious intention of the author was to create a nice looking model, not a printable model.

Even an expert modeler might fritter away several hours attempting to make it suitable for printing.
It’s not an impossible task.
Nonetheless, I think your time would be better spent learning how to model a new car yourself instead of trying to fix what is, in terms of 3D printing, essentially a wreck.

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Can you indicate to me what lesson I have to follow ones to make this?

With friendly greeting André

Hi Andre

There’s a collection of Car Modeling Tips & Tricks at the SketchUp Sage Site.

And the tutorials on this page will help you sharpen your modeling skills.
Tweaking Tool Tips … Advanced Modeling Tool Techniques — SketchUp Sage Site

There are some resources for 3D printing.

In the case of your model, go to View > Edge Style and enable Edges. Turn on Hidden Geometry, also from the View menu. Depending on the size you want to print, there may not be enough faces to print a smooth model in the posted example (the subdivide plugin Artisan can take care of that). Also there are a lot of engine parts under the hood. Look at Window > Outliner to see the parts - a printable model is a single watertight solid. There are some single face parts, like the license plate - among other places - that need thickness.

The details like the Ford logo on the hood extruded through the hood but would need to intersect the hood and the excess geometry inside removed. The mustang details on the side are positioned above the surface to avoid z-fighting, but that’s not printer friendly detailing.

The 3D Warehouse now produces STL files ready for printing courtesy of Materialize if you got the model from the Warehouse.