3d printing and transformer add-ons

im matthew baker. my industry is 3d printing and transformer add-ons or at least i want it to be, im a complete noob to 3d design/modeling and was told sketch up is good for beginners. alot of people use 3d modelling to make custom transformer heads/weapons/limbs/other accecories for our figures etc etc etc, i guess i going to use it personally at first but then get professional?, i want to use it to make transformer add-ons, im using the free version of sketchup on windows.

im really hoping the people here can help me learn how to do this!

What is a transformer add-on?

SU is mainly concerned with simple geometric shapes and putting them together to form more complex shapes. So if you pose you question in terms of specific geometric forms and orienting them in space, you’ll find that lots of people are able and willing to advise you.

On the other hand, if you pose your question in terms of a niche market (Transformer movie action figures), you’ll likely encounter a bunch of blank stares, where the help forum equivalent of a blank stare is no response.