3D Basecamp Australia 2019


Has anyone else heard about this event. It’s in Sydney next week and I hadn’t heard a whisper about it and I live in Sydney.


This is just in a few days, this is the first time I’ve heard anything. Looks like Nick Sonder will be presenting. Hopefully they post the presentations on Youtube, I always enjoy listening to Nick and understanding how he works the magic that he does.


Well Dagnabbit!

Visiting Austrailia has been on my bucket list for decades! And this would have been a good excuse to cross it off.

But there’s just no way I can get away on such short notice :disappointed:


This event is being put on by the AU distributor, BuildingPoint Australia

Similar to the 3DBasecamp Poland put on by the distributor in Poland, ProGrupa

I believe the distributors in Korea and the Netherlands are having ones as well :slight_smile:



2017, that’s yet another way of “at short notice”!

I’m looking forward to see their real this year’s banner. The Polish Basecamp has also early started advertizing theirs. Good that it won’t go out of sight here. With some support and more official promotion by Trimble it would be even better.


I’m just surprised that I haven’t heard about it till now with less than a week to go. If it wasn’t for @duanekemp stumbling over it and posting it to Facebook I’d still be none the wiser.
One would have thought it would warrant a mention on here.


Hi Guys, the first Sydney Basecamp was small (I think about 180 Sketchupers), yet a great way to test the waters, I have no doubt the next one will be a blast and I hope to see you all l there. @Box I am pretty sure it booked out early so there was probably no need to advertise it extensively, however it would have been good to see you there, I do not get here as much as I would like but I did put it on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago in the Sketchup for construction group. Next time I will give you the heads up.