2D image transfer from Sketchup to folder

The 2D image changes to a different format after the transfer to the folder, which will transfer to photoshop for editing. But the image in Sketchup changes the format preventing transfer from the folder. I tried the components tray with the option of “Save as”. And I also tried export under file menu.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 115018

When you edit a PNG file that has been saved out of a SketchUp textured material, e.g. using Photoshop, you should ensure that when you save any changes it is still a PNG [for example NOT as a JPG file].
SketchUp should then reuse the edited PNG as that material’s texture.

If that doesn’t work the edited image file should still be in your Temp folder [where you were working to edit it.
You can always edit the material to use a different image file, so choose the edited one and you should be back on track…

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Thanks for the help. The png file won’t transfer from the folder on my computer to Adobe photoshop, where I will edit the image with some addional colors. It is already a png file in Sketchup, originally from placemaker a separate software. The uploaded image shows the current format which is png image of a tree. The edit will be to add snow colors. The only problem is transfering the file from the folder to photoshop program. Once it is in photoshop the editing is simple.

I must assume that you have set your image-editor path up correctly in your menu item Windows > Preferences > Applications > Default Image Editor…
Does your Temp folder path used have sufficient permissions to allow other apps like Photoshop access ?
The process works for me [I use Gimp], but if I choose to overwrite a file SketchUp won’t use it, I must ‘export’ it, then it updates in SketchUp OK…

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I’ll check to see if the image–editor path is adjusted the way it should be. Sorry, I’m a little unfamiliar with this process of it. I’ll research it and see if it works, by checking the preferences, temp folder path and photoshop access. Thanks again !!