2d drone photos to 3d model- Urgent

Hey guys.

Need a HUGE help.
I need an alternative way to create 3d models from 2d drone pics.
My old method was:

  1. Upload 2d photos to Altizure
  2. Download the texture+obj files that Altizure has processed
  3. Convert the output to a single OBJ file via Altizure desktop
  4. Convert the OBJ file to .DAE
  5. Import to SU

Since Altizure is shutting down their site, i have to find alternative way to do the same thing.

Need your help.


Google is your friend.

WebODM (free)
Dronedeploy (paid service)
Pix4D (paid service)

There are many many more, mostly paid service. Some do offer a free service depending on how many pics you have and how often you use it.

I know how to google.
I asked for a platform that does quite the same as Altizure.
None of the platforms you mentioned does as good and simple as altizure.


Well, then…
Funny, DroneDeploy and Pix4D are regarded as industry standards.
Also look at:
UgCS (paid)
Map Pilot (paid)
Drone Harmony (paid)
Agisoft (paid)
DroneMapper (paid)

… do what you say you can do if the above suggestions don’t suit …
… there are other regular photogrammetry software out there that should theoretically also be able to provide you with the 3D model from the pictures, which is what you seek …

Remember software are not the same, New software, new learning curve.

Recently launched, Trimble Scan Essentials might offer another alternative. It uses the same engine that powers RealWorks, but much more conveniently integrated right into SketchUp. Don’t know how it handles your specific data type, but worth a look.


RealityCapture: https://www.capturingreality.com/
They offer a monthly subscription.

Thanks a lot, everybody.

John, cannot agree more, Scan Essentials is really a great plugin. But do you know, if there is a software in Trimble’s portfolio to convert drone photos to a Point Cloud? (as with RealWorks it is easy and smooth with the scans. The question is how to get photos into point cloud, ideally, within the same ecosystem)


So how did this urgent job work out for you?

This seems to use LIDAR data scans? Does it work with 2D photos as well?

Hi, Still didn’t find a real alternative for Altizure. DroneDeploy isn’t perfect, almost always the 3d model finishes with bugs. pix4d - very heavy, and you can’t pick the best resolution for your standards.

To sum it up - I’m still asking for help !!!

Miss Altizure.


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