2023 Drape in group

That was quick! Very good. Have you been there?


no, but I’m very good at search engines :smiley:
And , I do love a lighthouse!


As the Wiki page you linked to says it is lit on 10 November every year in remembrance of the crew of SS Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. It was lit recently to honor Gordon Lightfoot.

Aww, he sung a song about that boat?

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And passed away recently.

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That was working all the time… When You are inside of some context (Group/Component), then the Drape doesn’t work…
You can choose lose geometry or grouped,. all is fine till you in the outer most model space… Go deep one level and try the same… NO…

You mean like this.

is this sK 2023?

Yes .

I am checking the newest download …
419 works … Drape is working … Pallets (Trays) still get black and frozen at start… well @colin Maybe there was no bug fixes in this version but they fixed it unintentionally.
Btw. Why do You make a new release if it doesn’t contain any bug fixes?

What “Pallets”?

They are called Trays… Sorry…

update your drivers

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Checkout the Release notes

I saw it before. So what?

So I have seen release notes… a whole new release to update some security issues… this release was not for an ordinary user. More like an update for extension developers. I’m forty this year… I guess I’m getting old cos I really get bothered by regular updates… specially when at least one alfa release a year turns out to be beta-alfa in which case You end up going back to earlier… Thats not only sKetchup. this days being ‘up to date’ had became so much more important than ‘reliable’.

I don’t really care what fixed the drape issue but yesterday the problem was still there. Since updating to the latest version of 2023 just a few minutes ago the drape problem is solved! Yay! Has nothing to do with my updating non-sketchup related things or changing my draping methodology.

I should add that the version I updated to is Version 23.0.418

I just installed new 23.1.340 and it seems that the drape is finally fixed. as well as the issue with black trays. Maybe finally usable version… will test on bigger file.
Ye it works. Fixed but not improved
Still drape make every component in the group that You drape on unique by default even if it was unchanged by the operation but that’s how it works since long beginnings and no hope for changing this one…
And if in group that You are draping You have few instances with the same definition (groups and component same) only one gets draped. this as well since I remember.