…2018 will make extension developers happy…


I read somewhere – don’t remember where! – that SketchUp 2018 is going to make extension developers happy – I think John wrote. We are just about releasing SUalive and would like to know more. See our website - release expected early 2018

What does it mean? May you detail please?

Thank by advance for your reply

have you read the release notes for the bit about the API?

there’s a couple of new animation ones that may help your extension…

but, your primary concern is more likely about the size of your potential user base shrinking…

is that your concern?



I noticed named section planes and outliner improvements among SketchUp 2018 releases. Both are great news for SUalive. We were really pleased to know! Unfortunately, I have no time yet for study new api features. We concentrate on next release. Deeper look will come after, no doubt!

As developer user base shrinking always is a concern but I think Trimble makes a bold choice and I respect that – anyway we are extension, not the main soft and consequently have to follow. My main concern was about subscription software. I hate that was my reply to Trimble questionnaire some months ago! But going to online free version and standalone pro version looks not so bad middle choice. In first instance 2017 and previous versions allow for running extensions. I hope online version quickly able to load plugins. Do I dream much?

Have a good day

No - we want to be able to offer extensions for the web version of SketchUp as much as you do! :slight_smile:

As for the API improvements, for Ruby API have a look at the Ruby API documentation release notes:

That major item is that we now include an LayOut API - allowing you to author LayOut documents from SketchUp extensions.

Then we added a new Sketchup::ImageRep class to be able to access texture pixel data without writing to file. And a whole lot of other improvements and fixes.

The C API also got a lot of additions - which should bring it close to being on par to the old C++ SDK.


Hello tt_su,

Thanks! tell me…
Does SketchUp Pro 2018 have the 30 trial days or no longer?

Have a good day

Yes, there is a trial period.


Maybe a bit early but…
Will we have to develop specific extension regarding online free version?

Unless someone at Trimble has a really fantastic trick up their sleeve, it seems clear that SketchUp Free won’t run Ruby extensions. So the key questions are whether they can achieve a 1-1 match between the Ruby API and whatever platform online extensions will use, and whether there will be an automatic translation facility. I, for one, would not look forward to maintaining my extension code in two different languages with two different APIs.

it’s never too early…

register as a developer now, if not already…



Bad news just after good news, as always!

Registration done John. Your ‘Is that your concern?’ may turn out if Steve is right.

Your take looks so strong Steve that I run in doubt. I really hope you’re not right. We meet this Friday evening and I’m afraid the meeting ends up with making a wait and see decision. Not good as such attitude means stop invest and stop spending money until much clarity.

I really hope Trimble Team making all their best for extensions to run on Free Online Version with no heavy modification. We don’t want to develop an extra version aiming only SketchUp Free Online Version, even in the middle term - more work more maintenance, confusing from user perspective. in short: no sens. What if we have to? Who is going to pay for? This would not be of our making. Why should we assume in such context? Promoting commercial version? no of course as they will be two really different versions. Once more: out of common sens!
Not very good week-end to come!

Best Regards

Having Ruby in the web version of SketchUp would be our first choice. But there might be techincal limitations that prevents this which would be out of our control. Compiling for the web is very different than for desktop. Exactly how this turns out is yet to be seen.

Your reply ThomThom is the only one I expected to read. For me, what matters the most in such situation is relying on a Team making their best to put things right. It doesn’t mean you will be able to achieve but the past years lead me to trust you and I support all the Team in their efforts.

Thanks to John too. Your message gives me strong arguments. No doubt they are going to help my peers to swallow the bitter pill! Regarding this evening, I can now address the issue with confidence and really hope my peers taking that news the same.

Fortunately, I’ve got your messages before this info comes from other sources.

Have a good day


A full week considering the issue was not too much regarding the new features. Our November 13th meeting was so emotional! Last Friday was far more constructive and giving up SUalive project was no longer mentioned. So, early 2018 will see SUalive Full and Light and Edu/Stu version birth – at least on Windows and from our website at first, MacOSX version some time later then from Warehouse I hope.

Nevertheless, online version – perhaps versions? – does or do not really please us on the middle term. If SketchUp team does not achieve running ruby extension, we will be forced to develop new SUalive from scratch. If so, please SketchUp team do not replace Ruby with exotic language. We would not like starting again learning and regarding present issue it may just be full lost time.

We would like to know. Only Free version online or all versions? If all versions, when do you plan?

Thanks once more to John and ThomThom. SUalive would have gone straight to trash without your help and honesty.

Have a good day.

That’s not been determined yet I’m afraid. We’re still trying to figure out how we can proceed with an API on the web version of SU. Too early to give any indications.


We can understand that.

Nevertheless, regarding future extension language we need to keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments but let’s tell you a bit about our extension. Full version SUalive.rb file is more than 2 mo of ruby code, roughly 60 classes and 800 methods. As you may guess your work is going to have strong importance on our near future. In fact, we have always thought this is strategical issue regarding SUalive development.

So, is there any place we could read on a regular basis about extension future language progress?
If not, how may we keep up to date with the issue?

Have a good week
SUalive Team.

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