2018 Sketchup Pro Crashes when trying to save



Every time I try to save my file the program freezes and then crashes. This is a recent problem and does not happen with smaller files.

How can I fix this?


Hello, what happens when you run a check for problems (model info > statistics), have you tried? . When SU saves it runs it automatically. It would be a good start, as it would show if it crashes encountering a problem in your model or during the saving process.
Tell us


Are you trying to save to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive?


@paul.millet I looked under the stats info and couldn’t see a check for problems. Can I manually run that?

@Anssi no I am not, saving it to the local hard drive


It’s in window > model info > statistics next to the purge model button


Copy, thanks. No errors coming up.


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