Write-Protected Models

I want to forward a model to another design company and would like to write-protect it- only to be viewed by third parties. Is there any way this could be done?

Only by sending a PDF or raster image. SKP files can’t be write protected.

Send them an animation and images.

I would say that the usual practice would be to place a proprietary intellectual property notice on the model itself and have the third party sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). (All the Sages on this site have signed an NDA with respect to features of forthcoming new SU versions.)


Surely if such a non disclosure existed, the mere mention of it in open forum would push the danger of the Large Hadron Collider sucking the known universe into the oblivion of a man made blackhole onto the back burner.

To my knowledge, the NDA does not cover the NDA. For that, one would need an NDA^2, which Trimble carelessly neglected to have us sign.


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Wait, what’s that loud sucking sound in the background???

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Hang on.! Are you saying you didn’t sign the unmentionable NDA^2… now I’m completely confused. Am I allowed to even read what I am writing…

Based on most of your posts, the answer is probably no :wink:

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Nooo!! You’ve mentioned the NDA^2!!

Prepare to have your minds wiped in 3




What good does it do to wipe our minds now? The cat’s already out of…

Where is this? Who am I?

-(Starts with a “G,” I think.)

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Wow! This forum seems to have a lot of useful stuff on it! I wish I had stumbled across it some time in the past…

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Welcome to the Forum, guys!

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You did. Seventeen days from tomorrow there will be a very revealing post about time travel.