Working on a sloped city block


I am looking for a less complicated way than what I’ve done it. What I need to do is drawing the attached partial city block located in San Francisco.
There are 3 lots with one of them as a corner lot. We encounter this situation quite often here in San Francisco. The attached drawing is still the horizontal plan view and the elevations shown is how the actual terrain should be.
Thank you.
Practice 1.skp (81.7 KB)


For the lot size it appears you have elevation points severally under sampled.
What specifically is the question? Do you want an idea of fill and cut or???
You do not have the lots geo located is there a reason for that?
For this dummy he needs for you need to define better what you are trying to accomplish. :smiling_imp:
Geo locate the model then you can down load the terrain data and may be use it for some thing like creating a contour map, estimating the cut and fill for or ???
Sorry for my misunderstanding :thought_balloon:


Thank you mac7595. I didn’t think about doing it with geo location, if you can explain to me how to do it, I am ready to learn it.
If I do it without geo location, how would you make this lots and the sidewalk shown to follow the elevation noted on the drawing?
Thank you in advance!!


This reminds me of the types of exercises seen in my undergrad architectural education. @mac7595 is right in that you should have more elevation points to sample from, but it is possible to establish a reasonable approximation of the terrain. Hopefully you are not in search of a credible degree of accuracy in this case.

Start with what you know and model the elevation heights and horizontal distances in 3D. You can interpolate additional points based on the triangulated “guesstimates” that will result from your initial study model. The later results can be easily adjusted up or down as you consider appropriate.

Geolocation is a wonderful tool and not very difficult to access if you have the right coordinates for the site.

For info on using Google Earth or Google Maps for geolocation take a look at these urls:


Two points make a line three make a plane , so draw a big plane thru those three elevation points and use the sand box tools to drape the edges on that.
If you know the lat and long of a ref on lot(s) or address input the address on the set geo-location and SU will take you to that location. Grab that area and SU will import terrain I hope. There have been some changes in that recently and have not used lately.

BTW it will be easier to make the big plane if you select the face created by those three points and align axis to that other wise drawing off axis can get to be a pain you know where.

Here is what I got Practice 1_macA.skp (91.3 KB)
However when you project that what do you get and how to you make it correct. I’ll leave that for you to learn :smiling_imp:
I hate the use of the fraction number format and suggest you change it can mislead you :grimacing: